Which pm did you get from Field Research task?


@Pokemon done


I got a Numel from catch 5 grass, ground or fire types and a Vulpix from catch 3 weather-boosted pokemon


I got a hound or from battle in a gym and an Evans for catch 3 podgey and murkrow


Houndour, magikarp, ninetales, magmar.


Just got perfect Pinsir.


I got a grimer from catching 3 poison type pokemon. Not sure of others quest, but also caught numel, ghastly, houndour, mankey, charmander, ponyta, and others.


Got my first grimer from catching three poison types, and Numel from catching grass/ground/fire pokemon,
and houndor for something, but I think it’s out of my journal already.
And ekans from pidgey/murkrow.


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