Which pm did you get from Field Research task?


Which pm award counter did you get from Field research task


Doduo from Catch 3 Flying Type, Mankey from battle in a gym, Flareon from Evolve 5 Fire Types.


Were they all the same level?


I got an Electabuzz from the Quest ‘Use a supereffective Charge Attack in 7 Gym Battles.’


I got houndour and eevee. Forgot the tasks


Got a Mankey but I forgot the task


@S0PK and @alex9945, you can see what the Task was by tapping on your profile and then touch the Journal. You only need to scroll to the Reward Pokémon and then you can see the Quest too.

You see?


Yeah, I knew that but I forgot to check it


Maybe you can still see it

Just to let you know that it is possible



But wait: you both got Mankey from the Task ‘Battle in a Gym.’, so my guess is that Pokémon aren’t chosen randomly.

    1. This is just luck. The Pokémon is chosen randomly.
    1. You’re right!

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I got a Growlithe and a Ghastly.


Do you know from what Task?


Catch 20 weather boost Pokemon

Power up Pokemon 5 times


You may fill in the survey to count the statistic of field research rewards.


@Yoshi I don’t have any of the quests listed on the first drop down menu question I had:
Catch 3 Meowth or Skitty. Reward: Growlithe
Make 3 great throws. Reward: Ghastly


@Jormdeworm I think they are chosen from a large pool of all-most pokemon in the game… but maybe fighting types are boosted in gym-related quests because they are a fighting type!


@ItsAPidgey choose the option ‘Catch {o} Meowth or Skitty.’


I got an Electabuzz with a Charge Attack Task. Maybe you are right, but Go Hub will find out.


@Jormdeworm… can you reply in the two polls I just made? Thx