Which of your GO Hub Friends has caught the most Pokemon? Or any friend?


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Here is a guy I normally raid with. He keeps our town mostly red but since he’s on vacation right now, our town is blue.


Lol I could be friends with him because every gym is red where I live.


He sent me a present but I can’t open it until I have egg space because I don’t have a monster from South Carolina yet.


You have a good mom from me yet?


I’ve never met your mom. Is she nice?


Yes… I meant mon😅


I got a sandshrew from you


Wow, right from my city!:grin:


I’d say @Pokemon


I’ve caught the most Pokemon out of all your friends😅??


I ment Go Hub friends


Oh… but like everyone on go hub is better than me😅 @alex9945 . Do you have any other go hub friends?


I think so but they aren’t really active on Go Hub


All good, you have me. That’s all anyone needs in life!:sweat_smile:


Wow every stat of him except walking distence is 10 x higher then me