Which of your GO Hub Friends has caught the most Pokemon? Or any friend?


Post the number of the most Pokemon caught out of all your friends. Also say which user it is. If you have no go hub friends then say the number of another friend.


My highest ranked friend is @beales.com with 83,435 Pokemon caught.


Wow that’s alot


What about You? Which of your friends has caught the most Pokemon?


I will say my brother in-game he’s originalnerd 26875 there’s someone like a 15 letter name on my friend list that has20365


Cool that your brother plays. My sister used to but oh well.


Yea my older brother is the one I just posted about and my lil brother is locotexacan older is LV38 and Lil one is 36


You could actually do a raquaza raid, the three of you. High level family!


O yea we do. Most 5 stars with us and my lol brothers son always close but we getting most of time


Lucky… just you and your 2 brothers could beat a Zapdos on Zapdos day… is that what you did?


Yea we did 14 and caught 12 and one shiny


All of you combined?


There’s fourteen gyms in our town and our town is small has a population of about 6000 so it’s not hard to drive one gym to the other, they are about 5 to 10 minutes apart


You did 14 raids and one was shiny?


Yup I was the lucky one


Nice. And you have enough candy to power it up!


Yeah but everybody says it’s not that good of electric type Pokemon trying to power up alola Golem


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I’d advise against it. Zapdos still is the second best electric type Pokemon after Raikou. It has a base attack stat of 253 versus Golem’s 211 and has higher DPS. It would be better to power up a good IV Zapdos (attack IV 15) with Thunder Shock as fast attack.


I see what you’re saying but there’s really no need for Electric attackers