Where to buy pokemon go plus in Spain?


I want to buy a pokemon go accesory for my kids, can i buy here : http://www.amazon.es/dp/B07D29S66P


Maybe @bagguille knows this?


Yes, you can buy it there, but I, for example, have found it as well in Mediamarkt.

Claro que puedes comprarlo allĂ­. Aparte, yo lo he encontrado y comprado en Mediamarkt, pero no se si siguen teniendolo.


slightly off topic but what the hell: i just bought my 3rd, keep losing them :smile:


Hey @pokemones!I should not buy it,bc the Gotcha is better.But its your Kids Choice!:blush:


Where can you get Gotcha?
And why is it better


Better catch rate


And where can you get it?


No idea it was my birthday Gift​:joy::joy:


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