Where are Ex Pass


None last week? none this week? i see my ex gyms still raiding so nothing been sent out. Are they broken again.


They normally adjust the invite based on the raid schedule. It’s been 2 weeks on this schedule so it may have moved it a day.


Interesting, cause now two schedules will be mixed. i was getting a pass every week, but now both spots are on same schedule it seems since their both showing raids.


They were sent out last week, and youre 5 to 20 minutes early for this weeks wave.


I get mines on thursdays. No post were made last week. No article, and you were only person saying you got 1, and your not respected enough to listen to🤷🏾‍♂️


Very mature.

And im pretty sure you get yours at the same time as everyone elses.


nothing to with maturity when your not respected🤷🏾‍♂️i just dont rely on your info


Well thats your mistake.


where the articles @ ???


No idea, i dont write them.
Heres an invite tough:


must be very few people who got
this week, like i said ALL my gyms are still raiding so nothing this week neither.


So not enough people raided at your locations or there were active raids on them.

Just cause you didnt get them doesnt mean the whole world didnt get them.


umm, ill tell you something bout Ex Raids;

Once Ex raids are sent out.
Those gyms dont have raid anymore till the Ex raid.
This is facts.
I have 5 ex spots. I been getting ex passes all year this year.

Except when i stopped playing for 2 months. Guess what when i decided to go back for Ex Passes, i got them!

Now, like i said all my spots have Raids. So thus no Ex Passes have been given out.



Yeah i know how it works.

You didnt get a pass so either your EX-raid gyms didnt have enough people raiding on them that week, or they had egg timers/raids on them during the time invites were sent out cause if there is then invites arent sent for those gyms.

Thats the only reason you didnt get 1. Not cause EXpasses were not sent out globally, cause they actually were.
Just like they are this week. 2 different reports so far in my city.


Like i said, no articles, no tweets. Not even topics. This only had happened before when they glitched. No one is worried it seems.

Another week no expass and all gyms are active


I dont just rely on the hub for my info, i follow all the Top Trainers who get Ex Pass every week just like myself

edit- guess what they neve got passes neither for 2 weeks


Welp, the proof is right infront of you. If you wanna choose not to believe it because of it comming from someone you dislike, thats your problem.


I see it, but my entire area didnt get.