When You're Stockpiling Potions For Kyogre Raids


Kyogre is a real threat. The best counters don’t hold up long because of blizzard and hydro pump. It is by far the toughest legendary we in my group have had to face and it’s really eating up my revives. Unless solar beam is boosted, we’re always forced to go back in with a 2nd team. I feel bad for lower level trainers. They probably have to go through 20 pokémon each time!

I actually have about 70 revives and almost 120 max revives now but my aim is to not go below 50 regular revives and to never use max revives unless I absolutely have to. I’ll raid here and there but no chaining. Conservation is key at this point.


I have 2 main issues with Kyogre:

  1. Level: i’m currently Level 27, so yes in a Kyogre raid I do go through 4-7 Pokémon per Go. This ultimately means I have a bunch of dead Pokémon lying around and need a bunch of potions for them.

2: catching: the new update 1.59.1 should resolve this issue, but IOS doesn’t have the update yet. He’s so far away, by far the hardest legendary to hit (even with the AR trick). The 2% Catch rate doesn’t help either


Only a question apart… what means this red sign at the left of your wurmples? I’ve never seen it on my screen…


That’s a gym icon that tells you which of your are on a gym. Red if you’re on team valor, yellow for instinct and blue for mystic.


Oh my god, sometimes I’m the Nerd… yes, I have to know it. But with Wurmples on the screen I don’t saw the relation


There is none. I just wanted my defenders to match my team color


Your right, and really it doesn’t matter how strong you put them, if others want to throw you out, they do. So, you can put whatever Mon you like


Yeah but I would like it to where we didnt get coins for getting knocked out. I want my walrein to sit and look pretty. They need to create other ways to earn coins. Waiting to get knocked out is stupid.


Because I turned from an extreme raider to a casual one, I have 144 Hyper Potions, 125 Max Potions (almost untouched because I use Hyper Potions), 166 Revives, and 87 Max Revives (which I only use when I’m at the lobby and we need high DPS badly). When I was at a point where I always have little to no Potions and Revives, I use high CP low IV Pokemon I caught. Instead of transferring them, I use them as defenders before I transfer them. I commonly use 2000+ CP Pinsirs for defending during that time.

EDIT: A portion got deleted


Same here. Before the nerf I dropped my beefy and favorite defenders and other faves around 1450 or less such as amphoros, lapras, wobuffet, blissey (under 1500CP) to name a few. Now I’m reduced to throwing on weather boosted raticates, stantlers murkrows and roselia aka the gen3 murkrow.


I try to keep the Max revives, Max & hyper potions around this level


Same here, dude. Max revives I stock like until i reach like 250. Regular revives I like to keep above 100 but with kyogre and even worse rayquaza I fear that we will really need to conserve revives now more than ever.

  1. This is why you can’t afford to delete revives. They’re too precious during these times regardless of your level. Even top tier trainers get one shotted by kyogre’s atracks.

  2. It’s closer with the update but still hard. Moving to the side lessens your catch rate even further!