When do you think all of Generation 3 will be released?


Ya true. https://pokemongohub.net/post/breaking-news/niantic-support-ho-oh-raids-will-extended/
Ho-oh raids got extended hope that doesn’t mean we have to wait longer for gen 3.


Gen 3 is coming this week :slight_smile: time to get hyped


For the 51% of us who said early December looks like we were right for the first release. Well need to see for the others.


My theory:Generation 3 will occur in 3 parts.

The first part. We will see an assortment of Pokemon including the first stages of the starters.

The second part. We will see a smaller assortment of Pokemon including the second stages of the starters

The third part. We will see the remainder of Generation 3 including the final stages of the starters and the legendaries.


Actually nakes sense, lets hope you wont have to wait several months for them


What they should do:

First gen 3 pokemon (9th)
About a week later. Weather (16th)
About a week later. Christmas event start (including delibird) (23rd)
About a week later. Christmas event ends (30th)l
About a week later. Second gen 3 release (6th Jan)
About a month later. Third gen 3 release (13th Jan)
Quarter 1 - the rest of Gen 3
Quarter 2, 3, and 4 - ???(PvP, trading, quests?)


I want Gen 4 by summer, they need to speed up if they want to keep up with new games but keep the hype up (lets face it, trading might be a lot harder to implement in comparison to just more ‘Mon


Each gen release date (approximately):
Gen 1: 2016 3rd Quarter
Gen 2: 2017 1st Quarter
Gen 3: 2017 4th Quarter
Gen 4: 2018 3rd Quarter
Gen 5: 2019 2nd Quarter
Gen 6: 2020 1st Quarter
Gen 7: 2020 4th Quarter

I think the full release of Pokemon should be within 5 years


What changes can you find in this screenshot?

  1. They will keep making new generations and PoGo has to keep players interested, it will definetly speed up
  2. the sky looks now different un the update