When do you think all of Generation 3 will be released?


I think it will be the 14th or 15th December based on current dates


I think it will be the 13th of December.after ho oh isn’t available… still hope smeargle and delibird also get released before gen3. I think mew and Celebi maybe a ex raid.cant wait to find out


Sometime from the 13th until the 16th I feel


Precipice Blades and Origin Pulse are Gen 6
Take Down, Waterfall and Surf are Gen 1
Draco Meteor is Gen 4
Only one third is from Generation 3


30 people have voted, and 18 of those 30 think it will be early December.


Too bad we will have to wait for mythicals
Altho, I can see them drop the Regis, Weather trio (Ray will be an EX boss, Im calling it) and maybe even the eon duo right away (seeing hlw Ho-oh ends before the supposed release date and legendary beasts will stop as well


Guys has the Latios and Latias gender bug been fixed?


What do you mean? Which bug are you talking about


There was a line in the code where Latios and Latias gender were the wrong way round


i think its the 15th, gen 2 was also released on the 15th.


will likely see a announcement with a trailer likely same day as ho-oh leaving.


Same thoughts here :slight_smile: maybe before


that would be even better! i did caught a perfect ho-oh first day.


14th, or the server would die xD



Where’s that from? I would like to read it myself.




I think personally new spawns should be added for gen 3


Is this legit or fan made? Coz I read the article and it says nothing official from niantic


Its only what would people want to see