What's wrong here?


Anyone seen this before?


Where you evolve it, and the name doesn’t change?


Bruh. U just set the name to Doduo. :man_facepalming:


Had you made a name change/alteration/addition to the original Doduo at some point?
I’ve found that once I make any alteration to a Pokemon’s name it will not evolve to the the evolution name even if I change the name back to be correct before evolving.


Caught it like this.


I didn’t. That would be pretty lame. I made an account just to see if anyone here had seen it before, huge waste of my time if I changed the name myself.


Oh. Hmm might just be a bug then. Email
Niantic if it keeps happening.


Didnt even know Doduo hatched from 2km eggs… Only been walking with 7km’s for the last month. Part of the Kanto event i guess?


You caught it like this you say, but the screenshot says you hatched it…




Good catch, but I meant hatched. Come on, what would be the point in faking? I’m just checking what appears to be a bug. It has nothing special except the wrong name, it’s a Dotrio hatched with the wrong name.


I was just having a hard time transferring it to the old professor, ya know? It’s special, but not that special.


i really think you are mistaken in your own memories about this pokemon. The only explanation is that you namechanged it, then evolved it. You mean no harm but this has to be the case and you just forgot about it.

Note: if you accidentally namechange a pokemon (can happen due to lag) and decide to undo it, it still counts as namechange and when evolved it’ll keep it. They only way to bypass this, is to empty the namebar. Then the game will automatically rename it and evolving will work. My bet is this happened.


I’ve done the above scenario myself. No big deal.


You cannot hatch a Dotrio. I think @Punica is right here.


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