What was your most random rare spawn?


Nice!!! :open_mouth:
Where abouts was this? I didnt see any notifications for it.


I see your from Australia, are you in South Australia?


Damn would have been nice if we were in the same area. Im in Melbourne. Do you guys have a good pogo community in South Australia? I might be going they next year for a few months.


Yes, we have quite a good one.
Not quite to the same level you guys have in Melbourne according to some that have been over there recently but still a good one.


Yeah we got some pretty hardcore players over here. One of the most well known in melbourne is at 80mil xp.

But if you ever find yourself in the area let me know and i’ll hook you up. The running joke is im the local chat group dealer. Im currently at 15 fb chat groups and 6 discords after my latest cull :joy:


Thanks I’ll keep that in mind. I got a good laugh out “Chat Group Dealer” thanks for that also.


I have 2. Once, in the middle of a Loblaws parking lot, Lapras CP 900 something, and in the middle of the airport waiting lines, 1436 Lapras with pokeball.


found this on a cloudy day in the middle of nowhere


I Know This is insane but I live in a very small town With 4 stops amd 2 gyms and I dot dragonite x 1, tyranitar x1, vileplume x 3, clefable x 5, butterfree x 8, Blissey x 1 and a togetic


Sounds like you live in a great place for the game, just like how I managed to find so many Unown in my hometown. Some towns are just lucky for this game, others not so much


Possibly most random encounter for me was 2 dragonites in the same spot with a half month delay between them. First one was 2300cp and second one was 1600cp with 6% iv’s


I stumbled across this scyther by chance, he became my first Scizor!


Not rare as such, but the CP plus it’s ok IV’s is good enough for me


2k cp dragonite with Dragon tail outrage stands out.
Unfortunately it was horrible iv.

Also caught a 98% iv nidoqueen here



I forgot to post this but one year ago I caught this at “Kijkduin” in the Netherlands!

It is cut weird becouse the originaliteit picture was a too big file.


@Brobraam ‘originaliteit’
Here it spawns uncommon, but Blastoise still appears