What Spawned? 🤔


Do you have Gible by now?


You must be in Cacnea nest :grinning:


Not sure, but Sunny Weather Boosted spawns are all around here. Cacnea is the top spawn though.


I see Cacnea under sunny weather too, but not as many as you do


The Cacnea changed to Sunny Castform and Ponyta. These Pokémon spawn even more now.


I have bunny’s and all sort of randomness here.


Let’s start the Water festival



When the Water festival started a Numel changed into a Slugma here. And I found a non-event Shiny two minutes into the Water Festival event. :man_facepalming:


First time I’ve encountered a purple scorpion made out of un-recyclable plastic bendy drinking straws in the wild…


Never thought I would say this: I’m happy with this clown :rofl:



Everywhere I come these horses follow me. They were everywhere in Turkey and now they are everywhere here. :sob:


Is the Water festival still on going? Because I keep seeing Water type Pokémon🤔


Yes it is. Just one on the nearby. Barboach is just one of the spawns in migration.


When does it end? I thought it was supposed to end 53 minutes ago.


It did.


You mean it did end? I see even more Water type spawns then I did during the Water event. :joy:


Not here, but still no Pay/steel so far.


It’s done. Just walked dogs and saw no water spawns


After over a week when it felt like whismurs had gone extinct, I had one spawn last evening and another just now. Am hoping earnestly for the third this evening. Now that the water spawns everywhere are ending, the possibility seems more hopeful.

Edit: Got it. Now that the task is done, what are the chances I’ll see thirty more of them tonight.