What Spawned? 🤔


No unown here. Nothing in gym either. And seen them there before (as a show off I think)


I think too…


Just managed to Pinap a second Pupitar & also caught Hitmontop today. :muscle:t2:


Something strange happened when I was playing the game today. I found a wild Larvitar and tried to catch it. I threw several balls with pinap berry, but Larvitar fled (there was animation with smoke and the text “Oh, no the Pokemon fled!”) But, to my surprise, when I opened my Pokemon collection there was that same Larvitar that just fled! And no, it wasn’t from an egg, I had 4-5 km to walk to hatch my 10 km egg and later I got another Larvitar!


Happened to me a few times too. I can’t really remember anymore but I know it happened with a Bellsprout to me.




wow that is rare


A weather boosted beauty spawned :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.


@Pokemon that is very nice, save for potential CD?


Caught a 666 CP shiny Minun during non-event time.


Wow :joy::joy::joy:


Yes I will save most likely…
Actually I will evolve before unless it is soon.



Wow, is that rare?


No. Not at all. But that is what just spawned.


Oh cool.

Havent seen that for over a month.


Erma Gehrd! This one just spawned


Wow :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Grass type is uncommon to me.


Same… kind of.