What’s going on?


Lunch hour, at 6 pm, unannounced?


Here are quite a lot of Latios at the moment too, unlike the past days.


They all started at 6pm, and the egg appeared 15 min before. The raids last 1 hour.

I’m a bit gutted to be at work right now. I still don’t have shiny Latios after doing 30 raids.


This was all I could find.


I really wish they would have announced it. And lunch hour would actually have been much better for me.


For me, too. I’m not sure if I will/can participate at 6pm.


wish they had night time raids


I think they did it for everyone that was crying about not being able to make it at noon


Cool of them to listen to people but couldnt they announce it at least the day before? :sweat_smile:
Guess they will never nail it…


Just from what the evening commute timing indicates about when people generally get out of work, it might have been more accessible to have the raid eggs show up at 5 for raids lasting from 5:30 to 6:30 – all announced 24 hours in advance.


I never saw an announcement about it


There wasnt 1 @bobbyjack8

Did 2 on EX gyms near the end of it. Already got my shiny so not much pressure to do more. Fun, but a bit more heads-up if they do this again would be better yeah.


I’m doing Easter eggs. How long do I boil them?


Until a little Torchic comes out with an angry face because it’s too hot inside the egg…


We did 54 eggs and only broke 3.


When you say boil you mean you were coloring them right why not just buy the plastic ones


Because that’s cheating.


Is it cheating if it makes your job easier


All I know is I got 51 eggs to hide.


Hope you got a big backyard