What rules do you have for keeping Pokémon?


What rules do you have for keeping your Pokemon


I have no rules, as long as it serves some purpose for me i’ll keep it


100% IV or just the good ones for attacking/defending.


At least one from every species (some balance between highest CP and best IV), except my Defenders and Fighters or ultra rare Pokémon.


One of each, all 100s, all shiny (only 3 all are magicarp/gyrados) and some that I think are funny (420 bayleef, 666 sableye). I also still have my starter charmander…won’t ever get rid of him. I finally started culling my herd of legendaries


One of every final evolution, anything with good IVs (over 80% I’ll “favourite” it), all 100 IVs, all shinies, all legendaries. Then if they have a place as an attacker or defender I’ll keep all of them for powering up


If I don’t use them in Gym Battles or Raids, ill keep 3 of final evolution. If i do, ill keep a few more.


Personal rule is 96% or often higher IVs. The exception to this are legendary Pokémon or Pokémon like tyranitar who are useful for raiding.
I also keep interesting Pokémon from my travels so either good IVs, first catch of a species or evolved forms.


I have a very difficult time transferring Pokémon I may not get another chance to catch. This is why I’ve never transferred a farfetch’d or legendary and I keep way too many event pikachu