What Psychic Pokémon should you be catching the most during the current psychic event?


For the Machop family, I have 12 now. So far I still keep all legendary regardless of IV.


I haven’t transferred any Legendary either. I am going to on next double candy event when it counts for transfers though. Otherwise, it might make more sense for trades. Machamps, I’m only going to keep 6. He is reason it makes no sense to leave a Tyranitar defending a gym. You might as well leave a Pidgey in there.


Yeah, I really hope there will be double candy for everything on the upcoming Halloween event so that I could free up my storage too.
When facing Machamp, defending Tyranitar is the glass cracking and shattering.


I attacked a Tyranitar that was double CP than my Machamp. Killed him using same Machamp all 3 rounds.


At the full motivation round, as long as you defeat it before it fires Stone Edge, that is easy. Even if it has Crunch, it does not hurt Machamp too much if it dodges well.


The only thing I was worried about was that particular trainer tends to gold rasberry me before I can finish killing her. Luckily for me she left the TTar so I could Machamp her before she realized it was happening.


I was worried that when my mon entered the last round of battle, someone would just golden razz the whole gym


Beldum would be nice because people like @beales.com are trying to build up candy for it :joy:


I’m building up candy for Beldum as well :grinning: