What Psychic Pokémon should you be catching the most during the current psychic event?


I’ve seen so many Halloween themed Pokemon recently. So funny. Also, I don’t see the Pikachus anymore


I think it ended yesterday.


Yeah, the new hat Pikachu disappeared yesterday, and I managed to catch a wild new hat Raichu :grinning:


I just evolved a black hat Raichu so he could join all his brothers.


That was my plan until I caught the wild one, no need to evolve now.


I actually brought a few black hat Pikachus back to life from where I left them to die in gyms when I realized it was over. They might come in handy for trades since it only lasted like 3 days.


How many do you plan to keep these special event Pikachu?


5 regular and the 1 shiny I got. I’d be willing to trade 3 at a later date. Eventually I’ll only have space to keep 2 of each special Pikachu.


I’m keeping 6 of each (3 male & 3 female) for now, I only care about their CP since they are collectible mons, not for battling.


I just hope they allow us to increase storage space each new generation we get.


Yeah, at least 50 free space for each generation released


I would need more than that. The monsters I leave in gyms are just to thin the herd.


How much storage do you have now?


Not very much.:disappointed:


Wow that is almost full, you gotta be more “heartless” to transfer mons.


I know but I still love them and it is hard to part with some of them.


I understand what you mean, they have special meaning or interest to you as I have some in my inventory that I will never transfer although they are not for battling only for collection


My next strategy is to limit 1rst evolutions to only 2. Then finals to only 2. That will free up some space. But I like having a 6 pack of Machops, Gyrados, and Tyranitars. Easy for raid battles.


For those non-meta ones, I try to keep 1 or 2 of highest IV final stage


I meant Machamps. Legendaries I could also thin the ranks. There is no one I need more than 3 of except Mewtwo. He is cool to have a 6 pack of too.