What Pokémon do you miss in the Water, Ground and Grass event?


I really miss Luvdisc, Treecko and Trapinch.
Luvdisc because I haven’t got the Shiny.
Treecko because I haven’t got Sceptile yet.
Trapinch because I really want a Flygon.
What Grass, Ground or Water Pokémon do you miss? Why?




Treecko and Trapinch are here to catch, the only I haven’t seen is Luvdisc.


Really? I want them!
I’ve seen loads of Grass, Water and Ground mons not, but I really want Treecko and Trapinch.


They are not the most frecuent, there are more Wailmer, Oddish, Geodude, … but yes, you can find them here.
In the last days I’ve catched at least three Treecko and four Trapinch.


Geodude? I’m missing a lot here😅


That’s what I noticed.


Yeah, I forgot to mention the Remoraid…


First day of the WGG event I caught several geodudes, but haven’t seen any since then.


I haven’t been seeing geodudes