What Niantic Shouldn't Focus On


This maybe a bit controversial, but shouldn’t Niantic just leave spoofers alone? This would allow them to focus on many other features, like breeding, gen 3, etc: This is not a justification. I know having gyms taken can be a bit frustrating, but let’s just let them be and not spread hate.

I hurt my leg a while back (in February-March) and talked on another forum about me using a joystick in recovery. The hate I got was overwhelming. There were those few nice ones who understand, but most called for my account to be terminated.

Genuine comments from a very nice ‘fan’ of a youtuber who uses a hack (admittedly for no reason):
" ur a n***** play the game right f*** ur fans"

Once again, this isn’t a justification, and would like to know what you think about this issue.


To be honest, I don’t think Niantic has really put much attention on stopping spoofers, I actually have an alternate account whcih I use to see what spawns are like in other parts of the world, I use my real account in person, and I use that fake account with the hack to see what is interesting or cool in the world.

However, one thing I do say I despise about hackers, is gym fighting, players spend time and energy to get to a certain place in the real world to interact with real people and pokemon which were placed there, so having a spoofer completely tear down that gym, or take you downfrom the comfort of their own home while other players struggle to get there in real life, kind of pisses us legit players off, sure, catch all the pokemon you want, spin all the pokestops you can, but just don’t let your hacking affect the interaction other players have with the game, that is truly my only issue.

About Niantic paying attention to spoofing, honestly I don’t think they have payed that much attention, up until now, there have been simple and idle threats to spoofers, a lot of them are reporting that new pokemon they catch aren’t marked with red as Niantic claimed would happen, and well, Niantic hasn’t made any big or wide statements explaing how they plan to stop spoofers, or change the way the game is played in order to avoid them, spoofing has been pretty much secondary to them in my opinion, I would be impressed to see a major anti-spoofing update, filled will all sorts of tracking bots, and coding that pays special attention to players that could be hacking, up until now, nothing.


If Niantic doesn’t attempt to touch cheaters, the game will reach a point where the advantage gained from cheating will be too immense for legit players to keep up as new features come to life. This dissuades more casual and new players from playing and invites long-time legitimate players to start cheating or quit, leading to the death of the app.


They are basically ignoring them…not sure what your point is.


My point is this: the official definition of a game is “an activity that one engages in for amusement”.
The key word is amusement. Why should people be removed from an activity that they enjoy because some are annoyed that they ‘aren’t playing right’?
I live in a rural area with ONE gym. Nothing else. How do I play? I also know an avid player with a major muscle problem in her leg. Are you really calling for our ban?
Finally, spoofers are friendlier (based on personal experience).


@JoshHack The thing that used to really anger me was before the new update, when spoofers would occupy gyms for weeks on end, raking in ‘stolen’ coins, with which to buy the best outfits etc. with powerful unbeatable Pokémon like Blissey, and even if they were taken down, they were back in control in minutes, and the legitimate players had to use up potions and revives, all for nothing, while the spoofers revives and potions, had all been gained from spinning pokestops from the comfort of their home, not trudging the streets for hours on end!
P.S. I am pretty friendly, I just don’t like cheats!! Have a good day.


I agree with you, and see how that could be annoying to most people. If ( and I’ve suggested this for 4 months) niantic set up their own joystick system, but on another server, it would all be fine. The rural and (sadly) disabled players could enjoy the game they way they wanted to, and the legit players could keep their gyms. No problems. Yet, niantic aren’t doing anything at all. Maybe, if they worked on this, relatively small, project the player base would be so much happier. I don’t agree with Notting though. That should be stopped. Thanks for your contribution Pat!


You should play the game the way it’s intended to be played, within the rules we all agreed to when we started. If someone is “amused” by playing basketball with a jet pack, it doesn’t matter because you’re not allowed to use jet packs.


Hey Josh I think when you use the spoofing app when in recovery is acceptable. Thats not right but it’s ok. As long as you were aware of not ruining other players experience, but the sound of it I think not, you have nothing to be ashame of.
I also need to point out the by creating another platform for the disabled players, it will make them feel left out. Life already makes them feel that way, it’s a game so perhaps let them be with us?
I remember from some other post that your from the uk right? Here are some alternative ways you could give it some thoughts? I’m not sure which part of the country ur from but it’s a small country and public system is pretty good. Maybe you could spend a day or a weekend coming to bigger city to play. I knew a guy from the north of England coming to London for nests and a fun day play. To be fair, unless you live in Scotland or Ireland, Coming to London is so bloody easy and quick. You could also coming in town for a shopping, exhibition or shows and taking advantage of that to play? Trains from even Manchester & Liverpool only takes less than 3 hrs to London, Go at off pick time with a rail card discount will cost you around 50£-70£ for return hopefully or could’ve cheaper sometimes. Those 2 cities are pretty far north of England so I highly doubt there are worse case than those? Or think about coaches? National express is pretty good in my experience, they take longer times, but so cheap. From Manchester you could be looking at 20-30£ for return tickets if you book in adavance. There is also coach card option you for 10% off. I mean if the game means that much to you, just arrange some day trips like this and you will have plenty of fun. Once your in London , a 7£ day bus pass will get you around, plenty pokestops to spin and catch, stop whereever and whenever a raid or Pokemon you like, keep going in a loop (preferably zone 1). It’s like the cheap hop on hop off version. I see a lot of players did day trip like this?
And for the main topic of this post here is the thing. Many people say it’s a free game and not very smart to pay to play? I mean is your every morning coffee free, your pack of cigs are free, or when you buy a album? If you care that much for the game, why should you say paying is stupid. I saw many people say stuff like this online which irritates me so much. It’s a lit free game, no adds like any other games. And Pokemon has been massive and well known for 20 years plus. Making a game out of it would need lots of investment. And Niantic has about 2-3 staffs at the launch of the game (Nick came to their HQ); they probably have a few more people on their team now. My point is if the game means so much to you, save some money to pay them some respect and sure you will have more fun. Game is not free, it’s like any other entertainment hobbies, there are people creating it they need to have a life also. I don’t smoke or drink coffee or buy any music albums anymore for this matter and I buy the 14800 coins a few times and I have nothing to be ashame of. If you are a hop on hop off player then play for free so no complains. I’m tired of people shaming anyone who pays to play. There’s nothing wrong with it. These are actually the one help make a better game.
So direct at the topic of this post, if you want more good contents from Niantic, invest more in them. When they have more staffs, a ligit system eliminates the things that we don’t want!


All of your ideas are excellent, for an adult. I am still in school with no income of my own, so I have to play without putting money into the game. Simple as. I am not shaming players who put money into the game. That’s fine, many people do that. If you want to spend your money on the game, no one is stopping you. To answer your main point, if I wasn’t at school I would probably travel into London for the game. But I can’t (at least for about another 3 years).


Well it’s athe best suggestion I can offer ? You will figure out other way at some point .


Intresting topic, i have a disblity that on occassions forces me to be bed ridden for around 5-7 days, during these occassion i miss playing pokemon go, but my disblity can be slowed down by keeping fit and pokemon go has been my medication. I am not a fan off spooffers and have not tried it but do wish that there was a way that those who do have mobility challenges, are able to take part and be engaged with the game, i liked the idea of the secound server but it did not feel inclusive enought. So how about if niantic created a joystick that only allows a person to move at walking speed, the person would need to follow the same street maps and you also have to walk it back to your home at the end of the day. Issued once players had been vetted. Ohhh…spoofing bad