What level raids do you do?


Alakazam is doable but it will be more difficult with focus blast.


My son caught his first Groudon tonight and I got another one for his sister.


Good job catching Groudon for your daughter! Although I have done 4 Groudon raids and I always get “Great!” throws with golden razz berries, I have yet to catch one. Are they still in the game or gone because of Kyogre?


From what I believe There is an overlap of the two for 2-3 days.
I did Raids on both today.


Seriously? You don’t need a 100%, plus Raikou, and Zapdos will probably still be better.


This is what @Mapman42 tried to do:

    1. Tier 1 Raids.
    1. Tier 2 Raids.
    1. Tier 3 Raids.
    1. Tier 4 Raids.
    1. Tier 5 Raids.
    1. No Raids.
    1. EX-Raids.

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But I do mostly Tier 1, because I want an EX Pass, because I need to do 10 Raids for Mew and because a few people play here.
I don’t even know if I can do an EX raid.