What is your favorite evolution of Eevee?


I’m not sure how long this Eevee drought will continue, but I’m trying to complete the 7-day quest to finally have one. I made it clear that my favorite evolved form of Eevee is Flareon - My favorite Pokemon next to Vulpix and Ninetales. Which one is your favorite? It seems that Umbreon is the most popular and Leafeon is the least popular.


Espeon, Glaceon, Slyveon, Umbreon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Leafeon.


Umbreon followed by Glaceon.

number eeveeelution
1 Leafeon
2 Espeon
3 Glaceon
4 Vaporeon
4 Sylveon
5 Umbreon
6 Flareon
7 Jolteon


Sylveon and Glaceon


Flareon and Umbreon. I’m not sure how Sylveon looks though.




Espeon is my favorite, followed by Glaceon.


Um ok


The … upcoming steel eeveelution? lol


We can only hope. It would give me a reason to hold on to more of my extra Shiny Eevee that are currently open to trade offers.


Let’s hope so indeed. But I like the fan art:


I’m glad that isn’t real. I think about how fans would make fan art shipping it with Sylveon like a knight and princess kind of a thing. Does anyone think there will be anymore Eeveelutions? I wouldn’t be that surprised if there are. I wonder if the franchise may be planning for there to be 10. It is interesting to know what types would be the final two. I doubt they would entertain the idea of a steel or poison type, for those don’t sound cute. A bug type sounds totally cursed. I imagine the final two being opposites of each other - a new ground and flying eeveelution. Their names would likely be Terrareon and Aeroreon(something like that).


If the leaks are to be believed (and one of them has been spot on so far), then yeah, there will be more Eeveelutions in Sword and Shield. We’ll know in a couple of weeks! :smiley:


I actually entertained the idea of fusion/hybrid eeveelutions. I was thinking of some sort of genetic mutation or combination of two forces. I thought this idea of a ground type being the product of both a fire stone and thunderstone, where it also has some fire abilities(though not as powerful as Flareon’s). I thought the flying type would possess some psychic abilities from Espeon where it has very powerful weather manipulation.



Think the double types won’t come before they run out of single types.


I’d say there probably will be more Eeveelutions, if you ignore the 1st gen evolutions, Eeveelutions come out even numbered gems aka every other generation


Exactly. Steel and dragon seem like they’d fit with the Sword and Shield theme too. :stuck_out_tongue:


7 single types to go if I’m not mistaking


Let’s see remaining types are
So 9 types remaining