What is the weather like in your area?


While the rest of te Netherlands had snow, delft, Rijswijk and the have were Spared. There was a weird air movement here, but over the Hague until delft. But, half an hour ago, it started to hail, so the streets were white anyway.

(picture: that blue stripes was over the Hague to delft. All the snow clouds moved around us



It’s 50F here and that’s to cold I would not want to be we’re y’all are at


7 degrees for me


Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA @weather it’s been really cold out, wind chill warning past few days not much gaming in this weather unfortunatelyPreformatted text![Screenshot_20190131-202336|281x500](upload://2XyFVz8etgthyg9Ob7As8rx5zBR.png)



NICE! I wish it were that warm here too.


You call it warm I call it cold


We have a heat wave now!


Lol funny


Right now it’s snowing. Just not in Pokemon Go :man_facepalming:


It’s always 80 degrees in LA lol


You made others in this topic so jealous, lol





What sucks is snow not going anywhere because it’s too cold. I had to call my daughter this morning and tell her o couldn’t pick her up because it’s too dangerous. Of course my ex-wife wanted to make sure I get her next weekend because they hate each other.



It’s been windy here all day, but not a single dragon type Pokemon spawned. :disappointed:


In the real world: 50 shades of gray a cold wind and rain.
In Pokémon Go: A lot of snow or rain. Sometimes clouded.


Supposed to rain non-stop all day here in sunny San Diego. :slight_smile: