What is the weather like in your area?



Where is using volume-per-area notation common? I can imagine physicists are comfortable with that; but isn’t a simple measure of depth (whether inches or centimeters) the normal means of expressing precipitation quantities for most people?


“Most people” … :thinking:
Probably it’s nearly in every country different. I know this system in Germany and here in Spain. I have no idea how common it is in other places.


m³/m² is literally just m
So what you/people around you are using is just a long way of saying mm or m


Both my reasoning and my articulation are subject to laziness at times. Sorry for stepping on toes and sowing misunderstandings in the process…


Thanks for the salient observation, in light of which the rest of this is moot.


this topic blew up after someone said an amount of rain in Litres.


The sky is a dark gray and hail is poring down. The sun was shining like 5 minutes ago.



Going to give it a try outside. Seems to stay dry for an hour but I think I will walk a busstop route just to be safe :stuck_out_tongue:


It rained all night, so they canceled @Jaxxon8’s baseball game. Now we will just do a raid when I wake him up.


Ok. It’s pouring rain here. Good thing there are busstops. :stuck_out_tongue:


We’ve been in drought here far a while in S.A but not as long or bad as Rual NSW and QLD.
Driest Summer in xxx amount of years in S.A. Cereal farmers here normally sow their crops mid March into April. First week of May and most had not even started.
We got a few sprinkles last week. Today it has been raining on and off and absolutely hosing down tonight.
Very much needed for family and friends I have that live on the Land.

Added game bonus for me today 2 in that a couple of Gyms in the open that have to be walked to have not be touched today. Extra in time, giddy up. I have my big Golf umbrella so walking to gym in the rain does not phase me.



After three straight days of rain, we’ve gotten a slight bit of snowfall. Despite it further boosting Psyduck spawns, I still don’t have a Shiny one. -_-


The in-game weather is dead… :man_facepalming:


Niantic has already made a post about that on Twitter.

Two hours later…

Weather seems to be active again.


It’s freezing here. It was like a high of 80 degrees Farenhieght yesterday


It’s finally sunny again!


And you think that is freezing? It doesnt get warmer than 15 C/60 F here

Oh and snow is below the 32 F. That is why i dont like snow lol