What is the rarest Pokemon you have encountered in the wild?


For me, it was a random 1427CP Lapras that spawned in the middle of the airport waiting lines.


found this one while just walking around, wasnt near a stop or anything


Dragonite, Charizard, Snorlax, Alakazam or Lapras.


Between 3-5 Lapras (two ran)
3 Blastoise

Never seen any Dragonites or Tyranitars in the wild


If we do the full list:
1 vensaur 1800cp no catch
2 rhydons 1 600cp 1 2700 cp both catch
1 gengar 1600 cp no catch
1 lapras 400 cp catch
3 chanseys all catches
2 dragonites 1 500 cp catch 1 2500 cp catch (47% DT/Hyper)
1 Blissey 40 cp catch
1 tyranatar 1100 cp catch (IT/Fire blast 20%)
1 hariyama 900 cp catch
1 Dusclops 700 cp no catch


1 blissey cp 1600 or something catch
2 dragonites 1 cp 1011 no catch cp 2271 catch
1 lapras cp 1111 no catch
1 snorelax cp 2271 catch
1 haryama cp 1981 no catch


Event unown E,U, R, O, and P. Otherwise they would be

1 pupitar
3 snorlax
2 aerodactyl
5 lapras
4+ Dragonair
1 rhydon
3 blastoise
2 vaporeon
7+ porygon
2 meganium
1 arbok
1 primeape
2 nidoking
1 nidoqueen
2 Gengar
2 exeggutor
4 chansey
3 miltank, 1 ran
1 kirlia
2 grumpig
1 claydol
4 whiscash

Apparently people find haryama rare, but I have found 5 in the first month just by biking some kilometres


only one primeape? I’ve seen 4 or 5. and 2 nidoqueen.


I live in a water biome. The fact That I found a primeape was lucky cuz I found it on “Kijkduin”. Santa Monica pier of the Netherlands, but less often Those ultra rare spawns


Ive caught a blissy


Primeape wild is not that rare, i caught dragonair there


I barely see mankeys. lol.
There so rare where I live


My Shiny Magikarp after walking for 4 hours specifically hunting them and managed to get decent iv’s with 89%.


A lapras. It spawned at my house :star_struck: during a event that I do not remember… Fire and Ice?


Yesterday I found an Unown B!

First one ever outside of the safari zone ones


Where do u got that one?


Most spectaclular wild catches for me were -outside of events- :

  • 3 Snorlaxes (cp 2795, 2285 and 425)
  • Blastoise (cp 1450)
    (all with IV 40-60 :neutral_face: )
  • Golem (cp 1850, IV 69)
  • Nidoking (cp 1250, IV 60ish)

Shiny Magicarp (cp 64, IV 19) + Shuppet (medium cp, IV 40)
Maybe mentioning also a Hitmonchan (cp 1400+, IV60); 2 Miltanks (cp 1450 and 250, IV mediocre)

And of course a successful Mewtwo raid with my kid each of us with one of those Feb invitations for the same Gym we never raided in but that was located quite conveniently nearby :smiley:


I caught a 791 CP Snorlax in my house. I also caught a 2700 CP Rhydon in my house. I also caught a Ditto the day I started playing.


Crobat, Snorlax, shiny Poochyena, three shiny dratini, A lapras (ran), Blissey, Lairon, Hariyama, Scyther, Rhydon, 2 grimer, 2 Miltank, 2 many Sudowoodo, And I’ve seen on the nearby list (I’m rural): Ninetails, Golem, Victreebell, two or three Vileplume, more Snorelax (2 I think), lapras, Magcargo, Typhlosion, Foretress, Raichu, Nidoqueens and a nidoqueen, Jolteon, Octillery, Dragonair, Chansey, Togetic, Vigoroth, Solrock, Wartortle, Scyther, and Tangella. That’s all I can remember for now.


Shelgon with a 95%IV!:scream: