What is the best quest in the current Psychic event?

  • Catch 10 Psychic Pokémon and get 1000 stardust
  • Catch 5 Drowzee or Abra and get a Jynx
  • Evolve 3 Slowpoke or Exeggute and get a Girafarig
  • Others, please specify

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I’ve never caught a Girafarig or hatched one. The only reason I have one is from a trade. It would be nice to get another.


I keep getting good Jynx. Just hoping I can get a Perfect one.


I keep getting the Jynx quest too. They will all die in gyms.


Since Jynx is a pretty good ice attacker currently, try to get a high IV one to battle against Dragons.


10 for 1000. Very easy to make some good Dust.


Star piece??? Why?