What do you think the next update is going to be about?



I think the next update going to be about Latias and Latios. Idk, you tell me…


Something says me that they are going to do Latias when Rayquaza is caught more then Groudon and Kyogre both, but there is also something that tells me that they add the Nincada family to the game, whatever won (Rayquaza or Kyogre + Groudon both)

I don’t know man, we’ll see


I would hope for Latios/Latias but the big question is do they drop both the same time or one at a time.


Regis x Eons make more sense
Nincada still cant be put in the game as Shedinja would be too easy to get and impossible to use


My guess if they do release the Latis next is that they will be released like the legendary dogs and switch after a set amount of time


March apri may going to be crazy.