What do you expect from Pokemon: Ultra Sun and Pokemon: Ultra Moon?


New Pokemon games were announced few days ago, and these are: Pokken Tournament DX and Pokemon: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
But let’s leave Pokken for now, and talk about new games from core series.
OK, as far as we know, we’ll get alternate storyline, 2 new Pokemon forms, reminiscent of the Legendaries from Alola region, and probably new Pokemon.
Is there anything you’d like to see in these games? What do you think about these mysterious forms? Are there any new Pokemon you’d like to see? Share your opinions!

For people interested in the topic who don’t know what’s going on:


It looks like it’ll just be the same old regions with added events and some new forms of pokemon already in the game. Seems like they should just make it a DLC for those who already have Sun and Moon. It would be cool if they let you go to Kanto, though, to follow Lillie and take on the gyms there.


Not going to lie, I’ve been playing Pokemon Sun a lot since the trailer came out. To be honest, the newer game doesn’t excite me as much though. It feels like a black and white 1&2 remake. I’m hoping there are more ultra beasts tbh, maybe some different Pokemon, otherwise I’m not really interested. I still buy it though :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not sure about DLC. It will have probably different story, so it wouldn’t work.
I haven’t played Pokémon Sun/Moon yet, so I’m going to buy Sun and Ultra Moon and play them at the same time.