What catches did you get on Community Day?


142 catches, 2 shiny (1.55%) 2 100% IV.
150k XP, 160k Stardust and my dragon tamer badge.
Im statisfied


Managed to get the whole family


35 dratinis 4 shinys e evolui um dragonite


I got the whole family, they were all bad though.


Still a beast though!


I evolved it barely after the event


Both my kids were able to evolve a Shiny Venusaur, but I didn’t catch one.


Both venusaurs have frenzy plant


3 hours walking around in a large shopping Center was quite productive. After the 1st hour it was clear I needed to catch Bulbasaur only and leave the other Pokemon or I’d be out of Balls before the event finished. Wish I’d checked what my Bulbasaur seen/caught was before the event to get a number caught for the event.


Caught a cp 1492 Lapras right after the event started. During that time I also hit level 29!



Nice! I was lucky to stumble across a cp 690 shiny mareep, and evolved it to 1995 cp.


Ran into a mediocre Blastoise. The kanto-pinap made it a good catch.


Niantic and Mareep hate me :confused:


I missed the first two community days - but I caught my first shiny yesterday! A mareep, obviously, with a CP of 666. :slight_smile:


5 shiny mareep.
1 normal 98% iv Mareep.

1 96% iv level 28 wild onyx. Super happy with that. Good onix are rare (at least for me)


For me it was pouring rain for three hours, so I mostly just stayed downtown inside the car. Mareep were even more abundant since it was rainy.


It was raining here too


freezing rain and snow here, we still caught around 30 each, no shines.


No shinies for Mareep and that just happens when I was farming Candy to evolve Shiny Mareep😕