What are the most difficult Pokemon to capture in your own experience?


I looked of flee charts of Pokemon and it gives you an idea of which Pokemon are the easiest and hardest to capture. I saw that Abra is the hardest or one of the hardest to catch and I happen to have one and I don’t remember having any trouble getting it to stay in the ball. I have 7 Vulpixes and for the most part had no trouble catching them. There were two of them that ran away one day until I eventually caught one moments later which happened to be a male. With me, Chikorita, Pikachu, and Poochyena have been the most difficult. I have only caught 2 of both Pikachu and Chikorita and the only Poochyena I have was from an egg I hatched.


Abra is considered “difficult” because it has a 100% flee rate if you don’t catch it with the first ball. I don’t think it’s overly difficult to catch myself, to be honest, but the chart is more about “flee rate” than actual difficulty.

Cherrim is the most difficult to catch for me right now. It rarely ever is caught on the first or second ball.


Blastoise. Never caught in the first five balls


Aipom. I really hate him. Also that big smile when he breaks out…


Weather boosted Cherrim is ball eater like no other and dusts off after eating 4-5 still.


The purple monkey with a hand on it’s tail? I think that big obnoxious smile is always there lol.


Aipom probably ranks up there as far as difficult catches go for me too. It is also one of my least favorite Pokemon, making it doubly annoying. :stuck_out_tongue:


For me Zubat, imposible to do a good throw. In the wild I ignore them totally, only in Team Rocket final I do it, but with an angry face.


Zubat continuously jerks around all over the screen as if it’s staggering in mid-air, Golbat lingers too far away to hit with a curve ball (and when hit with a straight throw usually escapes), and Crobat is a little like a blend of both. Sunny Cherrim never stops bouncing around with that obnoxiously cheerful smile on its face and seems to break free from virtually every hit (even razzberried Excellent throws with Ultra Balls).

These exhausted my patience a long time ago, and I almost never waste a ball on them (unless it’s right after I realized that I need to throw away a bunch of items to clear space in my bag).


Yanma is just as annoying too.


Cherrim is difficult to catch because it almost always needs several balls to catch.

Those flying mons like Zubat and Yanma are difficult because they move quite alot


Zubat and Yanma are easy if you use a nanap berry. Kyogre has always been hard for me to catch.


I always feel like Combee is harder to catch than it should be.


Zubat is hard to hit, Cherrim is hard to catch
Lugia deserves a special mention since you essentially cant even wait for an excellent


I say all the starters are hard to catch


I always use berries and yellow balls on Starters


Believe it or not, but once I’ve actually had an instant were Abra didn’t flee after it broke out of the ball. But that was just one time out of several hundreds of throws.


If I’m right Abra has a 99% chance of fleeing, so it IS possible that he doesn’t immediately flee.


Verified by GoHub’s own Pokémon details page for Abra:


Patrat is a pain to catch as well.