[WEEK #1] Share your rare and funny catches



share the rarest and funniest catches this week! You must post pictures through Imgur to avoid clutter, preserve disk space and keep everything neatly organized.
Let’s go!

Heart Breaking Moments while playing Pokemon Go


Here’s something to get you started:

Caught Rhydon last week while visiting Dracula’s Castle with some friends and Blastoise during the water festival. I hope they’ll come in handy sometime :smile:


That’s unfortunate that the Cp is so low


One night, (I may have had a couple drinks or so) my husband and a friend and I decided to play PoGo along the waterfont where we get lots of Magikarp. I was super excited because I had enough candies to get my Pokedex Gyarados but I didn’t have a good IV one so I was hoping to catch one that night. It soon became muscle memory to me to transfer each magikarp that had bad IVs after its appraisals, but after quite a few of them, instead of transferring the 10 CP magikarp I just caught, I accidentally evolved it… thus, I flushed 400 candies down the drain and my 133 CP Gyarados was born… :neutral_face:
I’m never transferring it… :see_no_evil:


Caught this Togetic yesterday :smiley:

Despite of how hard is to catch, I consider myself lucky because I caught it on the first throw with an ultra ball + raspberry (it wasn’t even critical catch). Unfortunately bad IVs :frowning: but hey, it’s a wild Togetic! :smiley:


Very interesting story at least it something to remember


That’s an amazingly bad Gyarados! :heart:


Last year back when the nearby list was buggy there was a wild exeggcutor in our park and it was horrific weather with strong wind and rain pouring down. We ran around trying to find it hoping we were going the right way and when t came up I clicked on it and since I was getting drenched I quickly gave a razz berry and an ultra ball and I caught it first throw I was so excited as my partners was over 2000 CP and then I noticed something about mine… it was 29 CP :rofl:


That’s amazing see I’ve played Pokémon go since the beginning and don’t have any cool or funny story like that


I’m sure something’s happened that was funny!!!


Well this was a thing earlier… First Snorlax I’ve ever caught with a normal Poke ball :joy:


I found a Skarmory but I ran out of pokeballs… I still need a Skarmory


So since the beginning of the game I had caught 3 Snorlax all of them didn’t break 200 cp I just recently caught one with 1600 cp


This looked massive on the map and ended up so dissapointing :joy:

General discussion

This was really random.


That’s a really, really low Crobat haha


Question: Can they be pictures of nearby pokemon? because if so, I have the perfect photos for you


Just a little view of some of the amazing and horrible luck I have.


oh indeed, don’t PGUI… never are the results good.