Weather Forecast + Pokemon Go?


I honestly think it would be a good idea to incorporate the weather into Pokemon Go more. I know that there are some pokemon harder to find in certain areas. For example, it is hard to find swinub in hot areas, like Texas and California.
But the main point of this topic is this. What if it is raining or snowing outside? I remember in the old pokemon games, like Heartgold and Soulsilver, there were places you could go on the map where it would snow and you’d find pokemon like Snover and Swinub in those particular areas.
I know Pokemon Go is just a mobile game and Niantic can only do so much, but I feel like if its snowing or raining, hot or cold weather, there should be a spawn of more water, Ice or Fire type spawning during the rough timing of what the forecast will be.
Thoughts and opinions?


I really like the idea, not to the point that you can’t get a Swinub without snow, but it would fine if it has an additional influence about the spawning frecuency.


In London it rains a lot, so more water type spawns (even though it’s already a water biome)?


Hihi, yesss, you will only catch Poliwags, until you don’t remember which face has a Sandshrew :smiley_cat:


By the way Hong Kong does not snow. Regional exclusive weather…

You’ve taken my words right out of my mouth. I secretly hoard my ideas and looking for the opportunity to share them.


Middle East Weather be like:

Sunday: Hot.
Monday: Hot.
Tuesday: Hot
Wednesday: Hot
Thursday: Hot
Friday: Hot
Saturday: Hot

Repeat every week.

But hey, all those Geodudes and Sandshrew though.


Golems are useful though, be happy! All I have is 10,000 Psyduck candy


That’s true, but also walking in 40 celsius weather to get them is a pain.

“Winter” is nice though; 20 degrees is perfect for walking in the park.


In London we never have ‘it’s too hot to walk’ weather. We have ‘look how depressing it is’ weather.


Let’s trade! I love the rain. Cools the city down.


In England it rains (on average, this isn’t a joke) 332 days a year. You would get bored eventually. I imagine if you’re from a hotter climate it would seem great though.


Valencia, Spain: 274 days of sun is the media


HK: Average temperature 26 degree, humid and always rains


Increasing spawn of Pokemon according to the weather
Rain: Water type
Storm: Electric + Water type
Monsoon: Flying type
Sunny: Fire type
*Foggy: Poison type
Snow: Ice type
Sandstorm: Ground + Rock type
Hail: Ice + Water type

Note: When the weather is cloudy, the number of spawn of Normal type Pokemon should be the largest.

Let's Forecast the Weather: Castform Distribution

A nice repart, and the idea is, that it will be an increasing, so the others still come out.


Spawn of Pokemon may also base on landscape.
Increasing spawn on pokemons in the regions shown below
City: Steel + Electric type
Rural: Grass + Bug type
Icy region, poles: Ice type
Hilltop and mountain: Rock type
Rainforest: Grass + Poison + Water type
Desert: Ground type
Volcano: Fire + Rock type
Lake, Sea and Pacific isle: Water type
Plateau and plain: Flying + Normal type
Canyon: Rock + Ground type
Cave: Poison + Dark type

Let's Forecast the Weather: Castform Distribution

Weather forecast as if we see rain in game of there is a new button om the menu saying ‘weather’ powered by AccuWeather?


Weather dependent spawns would be great, however I think the issue would be linking this with real time weather events occurring in the world.
If Niantic was to generate in-game “weather” events, eg localised rain, thunder storms, blizzard / snow storms over specific areas which then produced weather specific spawns (much like the Umbreon & Espeon Eeveelutions) that would be a neat way for people who don’t have the opportunity to catch those types (eg water types spawning from a storm in a desert biome).

Let's Forecast the Weather: Castform Distribution

Evolutions of Espeon and Umbreon are ‘limitations on evolutions’. (daytime and nighttime)


Yes, that is what I meant. Umbreon & Espeon only evolve in either day or night & the weather related spawns should only spawn when a weather event happens (snow for ice types, water / rain water, thunder storms for electric types etc).
Sorry Yoshi, I should have explained more.