Weather and catch rate


The stronger the Pokémon (CP and level) the harder to catch, right? So, a weather boosted Pokémon is harder to catch than a normal one.
But how is it with Raid catch rates? You all know these nice little tables from Go Hub with the Legendary catch rates? I was wondering how much influence does the right weather have on Mewtwo for example. (As reminder: Catch rate for level 20 Mewtwo with Golden Razz, Curve, Excellent is 47%)


I dont understand these catchrate tables either, different IVs mean a differnet capture chance as well


Really? Oo Didn’t know that yet.


Okay. I tested that. I caught a 730cp eevee with 91 IV in a pokeball(first try) and a eevee with cp 300 IV30 needs 4 great balls. But i think its just stupid luck.


Definetly luck, to test that you need to look into the code


Is that also possible with ios?


Dont know, but you should be do it with PC only, right? Doesnt GoHub have tools for looking into it?


Ok. Thanks