We need more pokestops in Brazil. Asap


I live in Goiânia and it’s honestly kinda sad that the only few people that still play the game are hardcore spoofers. So gyms aren’t an option for me, unfortunately.
But what’s been bothering me the most is the lack of pokestops. Seriously, there’s so much unused street art where I live. Maybe we’re just missing on people to update the database on that OPR thing. Was honestly so disappointed when I saw we weren’t on the affected countries list the hub published earlier…


Unfortunately, Brazil is far from the worst when it comes to PokeStops. Some countries in Africa, Middle East and West Asia are completely barren - no Stops and no Gyms on huge patches of land. Brazilian players tend to be very vocal about their issue, with a good reason.

Not sure what to say, OPR is your only hope. Good luck! :blush: