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Yes, you are TL 40 :star_struck:.

And you have Shiny Geodude.


You are…
But my calculations of how you did it are still not finishef


Would like to thank 5GodLink for creating the guessing game topic. Also for bumping this topic.

:smirk:but also to spread the love

@Pokemon for being so nice to everyone on here. :grin:


Thanks all


@Pokemon - because if not for Pokemon, there would be no Pokemon, Pokemon Go, pokemongohub, and now Pokemon Let’s Go! :rofl:

Kidding aside, thanks for the company here in the hub. And also to ALL who have contributed, participated, loitered here on this hub.

IF ONLY Niantic would be here, Pokemon Go would be better if not best.


Thank you all for 1000 likes! Special thanks to @Pokemon, @Cup, @Mew1, @Kevin_v_Hoften, @Brobraam and @coolguy761 for giving me the most likes!


Been a great year of PokemonGo, after playing from 2016 till 2018 without any forum, i must say it has been a big part of my life nowadays. Would love to thank you all and every member who has contributed. Been much much help and assistance and most of all created many Friendships.

Thank you all, all Go Hub members.


@Robdebobrob and @Necrozmadabest


I think I have already posted here but who cares. I would like to thank my friend @Pokemon the most for, well, chatting I guess. He has been with me ever since I joined go hub last year. Even when I stopped visiting here ( sincere apologies @bagguille , I was wrong and should have shut up :zipper_mouth_face:) he still was friends with me after, telling me what went on wile I was gone. Thanks also to @Jormdeworm @Cup @Necrozmadabest and @Mew1 for being friendly and providing great content too. But we can’t forget about @discobot, can we?!?!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Also thanks to @SnivyStar for mentioning me😉


God, i wrote a full paragraph! :open_mouth:




Thank you


Omg what thanks @discobot


@discobot Long time no seen how are you @discobot


@discobot did you like talking in my (closed) topic about you?


@coolguy761, you must miss @discobot :sweat_smile:


Yah lol


@Jormdeworm lol