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Still @everyone for being here and making the environment cool and relatively safe (especially on comparison to my class three years ago. That class was horrible)


I’m not even gonna ask


I want to ask what happened


Ok, my first high school was the most prestigious of the area, and I dreamt of going there two years prior.
I did great there, except on the social side. I never was good at social stuff.
Sadly, most of my class bullied me behind my back. I hadn’t had a smartphone back then. (This is autumn 2014) 30 people in my class, and 14 weren’t nice to me. (Literally all boys by the way. It was kind of tough if there is only one boy that can be a friend.)
At the end of the school year something happened. The one friend got bullied as well on WhatsApp. So he showed the teacher, and then the school set up an anti-bullying protocol. It worked, for a month. Then it went downhill again.

Next school year I made some friends with the girl side of my class, mostly because of the “joined enemy”. Some had bullied them as well. One of them is the one who would draw my legendary pikabirds profile picture. We’re talking about autumn of 2015 now. At least I had more than 1 friend in my class.
In my third year, 2016-2017, I didn’t do good anymore in classes. Suddenly I had an F for three quarters of the subjects, even the ones I was good at. I wasn’t feeling good anymore because of my class, and the mental stress it bestowed upon me. I literally was ill for three months divided over the year. At least I had a friend not from my school who I could tell a lot to. I didn’t pass the third year, and I decided to change schools. Now, ~11 kilometres from my old school, but closer to my home now, I got accepted to the other school I am in today. I was unsure in the beginning (summer 2016), wasn’t sure how to make friends. And I was glad that this class accepted me for who I was. Everyone wanted to befriend me. Of course I cannot be everyone’s friend, so they were more of acquaintances. But I had made some friends and shaped my own friend group in my class. And I passsd the year without much difficulty.

Just before the summer vacation of 2017, I got some anonymous calls from my previous classmates. I thought they were trying to be nice at first, until they called me another 10 times in the five minutes after. I mailed the rector of the school, and she helped me. Those two persons calling me, had to go to school at the last day before the holidays, at which they could have been free of school, to make an essay and an apology letter to me. They said never to call me again in those letters.

Alas, October 2018 someone sent me a message on WhatsApp. It wasn’t one of those two. It was a random person of my previous school. She said my number was on a table in the school. I went mailing the rector again, that it happened again. It would be dealt with.

I am glad that I haven’t heard about those two callers since. Oh, and I knew who these two callers were, I recognised their voices.

Well, that is what happened @Cup

Lets talk - (anything)
The end of pokemon go (Pokémon is partially quitting the game)

You’re a tough little dude man and you handle that the proper way to


My list of people would be long and the forums won’t let me include them all … but … thanks for helping me feel welcome, folks!

Off the top of my head:


… and a long list of others. :smiley:


Thank you for 2000 likes! :smiley: :+1: :trophy: Special thanks to @Pokemon, @UltraInstinct841, @Cup, @coolguy761, @Mew1 and @Brobraam for giving me the most likes!


I’d like to thank the participants in this forum (especially its founders and maintainers), and all those who have been generous with their practical advice and emotional support for other members here.

We can’t expect to like everybody or be liked by everybody; but a little patience goes a long way, and a simple word of encouragement from time to time rarely costs a thing, but often means a lot.

Bless y’all. And raid on!


@vorgriff3 well said!


I’m actually kind of glad after reading this thread that I’m not even mentioned. Being behind the scenes is a whole lot cooler.


@bobbyjack8: I tried. I had a really long list, but it wouldn’t let me include everyone. lol


@VanHooIII stop spotlighting me


I would like to thank @bobbyjack8 and @Pokemon @5GodLink for always giving me someone to kill time with @Brobraam @vorgriff3


This will be my last post here. I’d like to thank some people for their support:

@kingq07 (though he’s banned) for starting community challenges which I have fun doing

@Thorend and @Jormdeworm for being a good forum moderator

@Mapman42 (inactive) for giving me the most likes (220)

@Cup for reading all of my posts (not really all but just a lot)

@Kevin260709 for giving me my first tenth like

@bagguille (also for being a mod but for a special mention) for being an active user in the cp increase challenge around the time it was created

@UltraInstinct841 for creating the pokemon hangman topic for me

@Pokemon for getting me to socialize on the forums (and other online places) more and so much more (Btw you’re the best)


Thanks for the kind statements. Sorry you are leaving, you were a great member of the community and if you ever chose to drop back again you will be welcomed back.


Thank you and have a good life bro!


You were one of the nicer people on here and I hope everything goes good in your life good luck in all your future endeavors


Stay safe! Hope to see you again sometimes on the gohub