Upgrade for 2000-item capacity?


The latest notification at game startup touted the new availability of upgraded storage with capacity for 2000 items. There seems to be nothing different in the description of the bag-storage-upgrade item in the store, though.

I might be interested in a special offer for a 2000-item-capacity bag. Performing fourteen more 50-more-items upgrades to reach 2000 seems a bit tedious and not particularly cost-effective, though. Is this ‘new’ feature simply a change to the upgrade limits? Or is there an actual 2000-item-capacity bag upgrade available somewhere that I haven’t found, yet?


No, the news simply mean the max is now 2000


It just means that the maximum possible is now up to 2000. You still need to buy them individually.


Thanks for the confirmation. Since I was unaware that the bag upgrades were limited to where a 2000-item bag was not possible, this makes the news rather less than a big deal.


Gen 4, we should see similar upgrade for Pokemon storage.