Unpopular Pokémon We Now Have That'll Be Hot In Gen 4


Yes, you really are. But that’s okay. Ill evolve them for the XP.


She?! Mismagius has a gender ratio of 1to 1


I wonder what the cp will be of my 3007 Rhydon when I evolve it. Surely they must nerf it or Rhyperior will be op.


It might be a high CP Pokemon like Slaking but will actually be useful in Gym Battles.


Didn’t shuckle make rare candies by distilling berry juice in his shell?


That is in Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal


My maxed 100 Piloswine is READY!

I really need a good Magmar though, Magmortar is pretty awesome


Even with quests it’s not enough. The drop rate for rare candy isn’t high enough and playing in rural areas still sucks. They need to put themselves in a rural trainers shoes.


You forgot lickitung<lickylikcy nosepass<phobopass
Male ralts < gallade
Female snorunt<Frosslass


Actually I did add murkrow. The others I left out because they really won’t be priorities to many.


Probably 3400. I don’t see them nerfing it. Kyogre and groudon are over 4000 and they weren’t nerfed. Rhyperior maxes at under 3900 so I think we’re safe.


Well, this one WILL Be hot/useful


But they did nerf Groudon and Kyogre


@ImNotReallyANerd, mb, didn’t see that you had add him, hard to keep track of who added what


Useful how? As a defender?


Yes, decent stats (as far as I remember) and wide movepool can make this thing an annoying defender
The problem is, it shares the same weaknesses as other main defenders, and its even a downgrade when compared to them


That all depends on what they do with the gym system. Machamp vs lickilicky? Easy peezy.


Wow I had no idea. They should do the same with slaking and give him some decent STAB moves.


Excuse my ignorance, but are these direct evolutions (Rhyhorn-Rhydon-Rhyperior) or split (Oddish-Gloom-Vileplume OR Bellossom)?


The only split evolutions are male kirlia into gallade and female snorunt into froslass I believe