Unown Trading Discussion


Has anyone tried unown trading? Is it considered a legendary? How much stardust does it cost? Also, why do I have to pay 20,000 stardust to trade someone else a pokemon that they don’t have?

  1. No
  2. Dont know.
  3. Dont know.
  4. To discourage creating a black market for trading and encourage becomming higher levels of friends like ultra or best.


Dang, perfectly reflected/answered.


I have tried. It Counts as a Legendary Pokémon. And each Form is considered as individual Pokemon. I tried to trade Some forma with a friend, but we do not have a million dust.


Not considered a legendary but if you try to trade someone an unown form they don’t have it counts as a new pokemon.


I’ve traded an Unown for 20000… I’ve never had 1 million of Dust and now I still have 400000.