Unfair Gym system


almost same opinion


I have used the gym system so minimally recently that I haven’t taken the local gym down for 4 weeks…


Blue is dominant in my area but how can anyone complain that it is unfair when your team (color) is not issued but chosen by you the player. I live in a large Military community so there are many Valor yet we are outnumbered by blue as many chose teams based simply on the color. We all make our beds and should not complain when we are asked to sleep in them.


There was actually a psychological part to it aswell. Because blue was in the midle alot of people picked it… apparantly


Blue is dominant isn’t news. Just got to
mob with your color and try and find some type of etiquette, where you can switch fairly with other colors. Hopefuly you can find more players like yourself.


It’s really down to where you live. Although yes mystic have the most players overall in my area I’m constantly at battle with instinct and gyms fluctuate fairly evenly between the two. If anything it’s valour that struggle around me!!! Also I don’t see how they can make it fair without directly giving bonuses to instinct but then that would screw people like me!!


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