Tyranitar: CP or IV matters?


Hey lovely trainers,
I have 2 larvitars and not sure which to envolve. One is 658cp with horrible under 50% IV (30-40%) and another at 520cp with above 80% IV which is great but not amazing. I did some evolution predicting and the results are a far disrance in CP: about 2700cp and around 1900cp respectively.
So the point is should I go with the horrible IV one? He is a mile far to perfect but would save me a tons of stardust and candies. Also that Tyranitar is only amazing by its huge CP for top gym placement. I highly doubt they are great for the attack team at all right. I know IV only makes 5% difference but so confused over which to envolve ?
I would love to hear some of your thoughts?
Thanks so much xD


I would go for IV because in the long run with future updates you never know what wil be better but at least with a good IV you have a higher chance


But from around 2000cp to 3000cp is a lot of stardust and candies. I played since gen 2 launched till now and only have 103 candies to a tyranita by more than 230km walking lol. In your experience is he good to attack gym as I never use him before ?
Thanku for replying xx


If you are going to eveolve now I agree completely.


If you only care for the Gym placement then go for the one with biggest CP, otherwise go for IV. My advice is to stack up candies during this event and wait for gym rework (should come briefly) then you decide: which one evolve, maybe you will catch a better one!


I always, without exception, go for the higher IV one. A high IV Tyranitar can be walked and trained, and it’s an investment for the next few month (years) of the game.


If you get a safe IV tracker like Calcy IV it can show you the max CP and which you see the higher IV one is the correct choice


Yesss this is legit thanks. That’s decided I’m waiting for the gym rework then go for the best IV


I use poke ginie but will give this a try cheers


for sure I will now go for the >80% iv larvitar thanks xx


Do the 80% Iv 520 cp Larvitar he is gonna be massive!


CP vs IV: I’ve heard this a few times. I’ll try to be complete.

My first thought is wtf?! IV always duhz!!

Cause…think of it this way. CP is how good a Pokemon is RIGHT NOW, and can be bought. IV cannot. Through solid gameplay work CP can be taken straight to the top. But iv is more plainly how good a guy WILL be.

So, my IV better always argument does just fine for guys that you want to invest dust in. However, that is only half the gym metagame. Esteem grinding into a friendly gym is a whole separate ballgame. Something where you don’t have single gems of powered up type-hate, but squads of dudes where you appraise, get the top message, fast tap the rest, evolve, roll dope moves, and keep forever.

Even though you never intend to spend a shred of dust on it, it sits at such a stock cp range that you keep using it to troll the hell outta the same rhydon, Gyarados, Snorlax, Dragonite crap that you continually run into.

I trim the hell outta certain stuff sometimes but I just cannot bring myself to get rid of a pump vapo, thunder jolty, throw/edge golem, beamer parasect/wigglytuff/Furret/raticate…you get the idea.

My point is, for those guys, cp matters. You get a pump vapo around 1500 cp-ish? Great! I’d say about 20 of those before you might trim, lol.

Note: I still end up replacing with good iv stuff that, well, lucky, lucky your also huge. Just…nothing wrong with evolving and holding a huge snubull, or something like that.


Yeah I couldn’t agree more on the one with good movesets especially the vapoureons. I keep all of them in fact hahah luckily I got 3 with water gun/hydropump over 2600cp so they are lit. I haven’t got luck with golem before but I’m planing to get rockthrow/stoneedge during this event as I have suffient candies.
The reason I couldn’t decide for my tyranitar is just becuz sometimes the shortcut always very temping. As I still have a 95.7%iv chansey to involve and max out, a good snorlax just hatched that need to be maxed out as well, and still need plenty of dratiny candies so I guess I feel a littl lazy for other mons sometimes haha.
But I understand what you mean. A good tyranitar is gonna stick with me for a long time.