Two different castforms


Both have the same name
But both are different , what’s going on here?


Castform has 4 forms that spawn based on the weather
Sunny form (what you have) spawns only in clear weather, rainy (a blue raindrop) spawns in rainy weather, snowy spawns in snowy or foggy weather, and the white spawns in the rest


Yep, check your Pokédex and you should have two of the forms!


I keep 2 of each version of Castform.


Why that takes storage and there weak
I just transfer them all except my 1700 cp


Breeding, so I bet he’s keeping one for each gender.


Doesnt make sense to have two tho


YOU CAUGHT A BAGON :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:
Get candies and eveolve it


Unless it has terrible IVs, a low attack stat, or 10 cp.
Same with the Metang. I’d try not to assume too much.