Trainer tips is he ok?


Did nick from trainer tips get injured on holiday? No posts no new videos no updates, anyone know what’s going on? I hope he’s ok get well soon nick.


He might have got injured as said he will uploading on Thursday but he didi not.


I really hope he is ok as I enjoy watching his work as he is the man.


Oh he might have gone for a break as he does not have anything to do in Pokemon go. He might be waiting for the gym rework to drop and then he will start uploading


He is just taking a break.Reversal and Mystic confirmed it.


Probably needs to restock from his dealer lol


Re sock do you mean, he sure does have lots of 420cp Mons :s


Love this community, I was wondering the same thing. Good to know he is just taking an extended break.


He probably just needed his “digital detox”, it was interrupted last time


He tweeted that he was going to upload a video soon explaining everything. I really hope nothing happened with anyone in his family. He has so many videos including them and they seem like such an amazing family! I haven’t noticed his girlfriend in several of the latest videos. I was concerned maybe they are going through something. I don’t want to be too nosy though. He is such a great guy!