Trading shinies?


How does shiny trading work? My friend tried to trade a shiny squirtle to me today but it wouldn’t let her. We’re great friends, I already had shiny squirtle in my Pokedex and we had enough stardust. Why couldn’t we do it?


It counts as a special trade and you can only make one of those trades a day.


Special trades are trades which include any of the following.
Legendary pokemon
Shiny pokemon
Unregistered pokemon
If either pokemon is this to any trainer in the trade this will class as special trade, cost 200x as much. If it is an unregistered legendary it will cost 10000x. Normally that’s 100 so an unregistered legendary is 1m stardust. You can do only one special trade a day.
As a good friend it’s 100
Great friend is 80
Ultra friend is 8
Best friend is 4.
This cuts down the special trade normal cost to just 800 stardust and the new legendary to 40k, still a lot but less insane


That only drops the cost, it is not a requirement.


Ahh ok, I didn’t realise it was still a special trade even though I already had one! I’d already done a special trade so that explains it, thanks!