Trading in the Regional Pokemon


I live in Texas but would really love a Kangaskhan
But do not live in Australia and probably will never go so I was thinking we could do like an Olympic torch thing and pass it along and pass it along and pass it along until It get to Texas this would be a big team effort who can help


cant trade, traded pokemon. But this could be telephone wire and come back to you. Maybe someone would help


What do you mean telephone wire


He means that someone could see it that lives in texas :joy::rofl:


All right I got a new plan


@Cup im coming to tenessee on friday… we can meet each other… of course if you drive 4 states to me…


Lol never plan to leave Texas you can come to me though dude meet you on the border Texas and Louisiana


I’m not 16 unfortunately so I can’t come… If you ever come to Cali tell me.


What you mean 16


16 is the driving age requirement.


O my bad man didn’t mean to ask your age


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