Trade limit not fair?


:joy::joy::joy: Im not that mad avout the IV reroll as I cant trade with anyone, 100 meter distance. That is also their fault :sweat_smile:


Also, the stardust cost is ridiculous for legendary Pokemon

  • Legendaries arent special Niantic!!
    Of course, except the fact you cant put them in gyms, yet another mistake on their part


How much would it be if I got mewtwo from a best friend? Staying on topic :sweat_smile:


40k if it would be your first M2


Thx so much. Trade limit would have to be changed with International Trading


Im mostly wishing for legends in gyms, I dont really care much about trading anyway since I need dust for Gen 4 and Lucky Pokemon are too unreliable for me


Haha… And they are so hard to get :rofl:


You would mostly see them in areas where its not actually difficult
And beating them wouldnt be too hard either


??? Ok then


Look, CP Decay exists
And they are still Pokemon, a Zapdos cant beat a Smack Down TTar no matter how legendary it is


I was talking about luckys :joy: But yes.


My 1400 cp Zapdos cant win? :sob:


Ahh :sweat_smile: What I mean is that I got like 4% success rate so far


:joy::joy::joy: For me 25 %.


To address the topic name, I think the trade limit is the definition of fair. But whether or not it’s a good thing? I think maybe a 100 limit per day is good.


Its a 100 limit a day


Dude you arent getting banned.


Yeah strange
Although i stil feel it coming
Seems like this time its diffrent


:joy::joy: Youve been with me since the beginning


Or its because you messed with thor