Trade limit not fair?




:open_mouth: that’s a lot of lucky pokemon . Togepi roselia and magneton are good for gen 4


That could’ve been cool


I have no lucky Pokémon yet, do you know the odds?


It’s higher the older the pokemon. It’s basically impossible for pokemon caught this year


This are a lot of?
The list continues lol
It isnt that much
Just trade 2016 mons


I have a 1/5 to 1/6 Odds on all my trades


Wow,awesome it’s unbelievable


Lol that friend has like 40 luckys


First three trades were recently caught Pokemon and all became lucky so rates are high.


I have 1 lucky ralts


totally not true, almost all of my lucky pokemon were recent catches. Old ones didn’t matter. I only was able to get one or two a day no matter the age of the catch.


It’s eyes are rolled back inside it’s head like it’d performing a spell. After all, it IS a physic pokemon :grin:.


Here’s one thing I dont get about Niantic - why reroll the IVs? Not only it doesnt make sense (does it somehow lose or gain potential? Do you even get the same Mon lol) but if its because of the spoofers, then I dont see why should they harm legits like this just to harm the cheaters a tiny bit - they dont care about a few Pokemon anyways, and this doesnt solve any spoofer problem at all


Black market for 100 IVs and spoofers would arise then


So… Why not fix that by actually focusing on spoofers themselves and not doing damage to legit players?
Besides, somebody being stupid enough to buy a 100IV Mon doesnt affect you much anyways


I know for sure I would never meet up with someone, let alone buy a pokemon.


And thats the point, only a few people would actually pay for them so its not really an issue


True :grin::grin:. But there is nothing we can do…


Yeah, as always, since Niantic doesnt listen to fans and is too stupid to think of something on their own (and I seriously hope their programmers get fired in the near future)