Trade limit not fair?


(Not my screenshot)
I dont think its fair

  • I think its fair
  • I dont think its fair
  • I dont know

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That appears to be just an error


No it isnt an error he spended 4 hours om trading he traded like 100 timez


In that case i think it is fair


He had nothing else to do its to warm to do anything else
And btw he traded 50 times i think not 100


I think it’s fair but not a good thing.


Trade limit is 100 per day


Oh yeah right i didnt know if it was 50 or 100


I posted wrong screenshot


Trading is good, IV re-rolls & Lucky pokemon are pretty cool.
However if you’re trading 100 pokemon a day then you have either hoarded them, you’re a lucky mon addict, you’re trading every mon you catch during the day, or you’re just trying to get the 100%ers by re-rolling all of your mons. So I think the daily trade cap is good.
I’m also seeing competitions now for full Lucky Pokédexs’ - quite a goal & also must cost a tonne of stardust…


He was trying to get 100s


You get any?




Oh well you did 10 times the trades I have ever done in one day, what lucky did you get?


Lol i said its not my account
But some trade were with that friend


Not even all my luckys


Is that your list?!:astonished:


Lucky slaking and togekiss :joy::joy:


Its way longer


My Togepi and slakoth are not so good…