Top twelve HIGHEST CP Pokémon



This is my brother’s revived 2016 account and we’ve been playing hard for the past 4 months.





My top 12 are the same


Still 7 Slaking? :joy:



Groudon: 100% IV (15/15/15)
Kyogre: 96% IV (14/15/14)
Palkia: 100% IV (15/15/15)
Ho-Oh: 96% IV (15/15/13)
Shiny Tyranitar: 96% IV (13/15/15)
Tyranitar: 96% IV (14/14/15)
Rayquaza: 93% IV (13/15/14)
Latios: 96% IV (15/15/13)
Metagross: 96% IV (13/15/15)
Salamence: 100% IV (15/15/15)
Heatran: 98% IV (15/15/14)
Rhyperior: 100% IV (15/15/15)

Dragonite got temporarily bumped off the list because I hatched a 98% one and it got the perfect moveset–thankfully–right when it evolved, so once I need Dragon-type attackers again, he will be leveled up alongside one other that should impact this list.


I like that Heatran, my 96% lucky might be candidate for the next maxing out session


Update 8.9.19 - pushed out my Ttar with a second maxed out perfect ray ray


Scary strength in that dozen!

Praytell, what the “SB” mean? None of the possibilities I can imagine seems at all likely (Super Bowl, southbound, school board, South Bend, San Bernardino, San Bruno, Saint Brunswick, Santa Barbara, et al). The exercise leaves me with Strained Brain (and that’s not what it means, either!)


Shadow ball?


Yes shadowball :slight_smile:



Thanks, @jay123 and @Brobraam. I knew Gengar had that, but didn’t notice that Alolan Marowak has it, too. Good luck in your effort to duo it. I’ve never beat it with a team smaller than 4 trainers.


My new Garchomp squeaked into my top 12. I can still power him up too.


On My other acc




Patience, this will change with time…


Mine still is not much different