Top twelve HIGHEST CP Pokémon



Attacks, dude…


Ok, some people honestly don’t know about the typing… Also the way your phrased made it sound like you were asking about typing…maybe you should make your questions more clear…


“Rock Tyranitar” is a very common term for Tyranitar with Smack Down


Ok maybe for people who are hardcore players, maybe it’s just me, I’ve personally never heard anyone use that term before. Just because it’s a “very” common term in your circles doesn’t mean that its a very common term in everyone’s circle


I never heard that befor


SDTar, SD Tyranitar, Rock Tyranitar
Regardless of if you know the term or not, its quite obvious a Tyranitar cant be rock-type only


Yes I know, and I know you know. But you’re assuming that everyone has a thorough knowledge of Pokémon, not everyone (including in this forum) does.


Yeah, sorry


It’s totally fine! I was super confused because I knew you knew T-tar typing. At least now I know that rock T-Tar is in reference to SD Tar.




You know what, I think I might go in your footsteps and do the same - not max out any Mon more than once, I have plenty of power for raids anyways
How do you fare in your group? Are you still one of the stronger players?


It depends on whom you ask, but they can’t say that I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m also at Best Friends level with much of my normal Raid Groups, so our damage bonuses kick in nicely. Many of them do have healthier respect for many Pokemon I’ve used, like Mismagius, Giratina and Swampert.


With my stardust problems I dont even expect to go all the way down to Mismagius

Can you do stuff like Ho-oh/TTar duo?


Those particular challenges require very specific Pokemon on top of weather conditions and Friend Boosts, so no, I don’t. If you intend to partake in those challenges, I recommend you do what the guides on this site require.

I generally don’t bother doing those challenges because my goal in raids is to attempt to get Rare Candies and TMs for Pokemon I intend to use in the future. It’s not about testing the limits rather than simply obtaining needed tools to make future Pokemon much easier.


Not the best, but I’m pretty pleased with what I have.


Welcome back buddy


Thanks, I was on vacation for a while.


Your shiny Kyogre is cool.


Thank you!