Top twelve HIGHEST CP Pokémon






I’m surprised you were able to get away with that name for Slaking. XD


It’s me trolling my cousin, his is called “LinkyGayAss” we troll each other but he legit looks like slaking so its funny af


My new top 12 after CP reset…


Here, only the CP’s changed. My top 12 is still the same.


My Gyradoses got buffed too, but not as much as TTar, Dragonite, and Metagross. I love this CP reset. My focus is more on attack than defense.


My new top 12. Metagross, Dragonite and Mewtwo got a boost. I like it. :grin:


I haven’t had a lot of chances to raid (though I do have Mewtwo and Deoxys :slight_smile: ) and I don’t really keep multiples of many Pokemon, so my Top 12 is going to be a little different than most. lol


I thought 3670 was the previous Tyranitar max cp???


Yeah, that’s strange. I’m not even level 40 yet either.


Oh, it isn’t powered up to max, but it got buffed to there…


I don’t see the last three being in top 12 often.


Yeah, there are some that I just like even if I have others that are more useful. I’ll power them ALL up … one day … lol …



  1. Tyranitar CP3421
  2. Dragonite CP3392
  3. Tyranitar CP3295
  4. Metagross CP3203
  5. Tyranitar CP3132
  6. Gyarados CP3023
  7. Mewtwo CP2869
  8. Espeon CP2830
  9. Rhydon CP2760
  10. Rhydon CP2702
  11. Rhydon CP2691
  12. Vaporeon CP2691

Top (twelve) CP Lucky Pokémon

Rework was very kind to me


You have a lot of 4000 CP pokes


I have none now :sob: